December 2019 - June 2020

General Information


Jerusalem (Israel) & Zurich (Switzerland)


December 24th 2019 - June 12th, 2020

General Description

Israel-Swiss Lean Launchpad provides real world, hands‐on learning on what it’s like, and how best to actually turn a great idea into a great product using the Lean Startup methodology and tools. Participants will be getting their hands dirty talking to customers, partners, competitors, as they encounter the chaos and uncertainty of how a startup actually works. Participants will enjoy a supportive environment to enable mutual learning and open discussions on how to use a business model to brainstorm each part of a company and customer development to see whether anyone other than them would want/use their product. Finally, they’ll see how agile development can help them rapidly iterate their product to build something customers will use and buy. 

Participants will also have a unique chance to observe and learn different cultural approaches to entrepreneurship from their lectures, mentors, coaches and colleagues.

Each unit will test a different part of the business model and then sharing of the hard-earned knowledge with the rest of the participants.

Program Goals

Provide selected Israeli & Swiss startups with an educational hands-on opportunity, on how to really build sustainable startup companies using the lean startup methodology and tools:

  • Acquire the business skills needed to take an idea from conception to market.
  • Develop a viable business concept and tested business model for each startup.
  • Engage customers through the three phases of the customer relationship management lifecycle: get, keep, and grow.
  • Gather, evaluate and use customer feedback in real time to strengthen product design, deliverability, marketing and business model.
  • Identify the key resources, partners and distribution channels required for product delivery to the customer.
  • Calculate the direct and indirect costs of product delivery.

Participants will observe and learn different cultural approaches to entrepreneurship from their lectures, mentors, coaches and colleagues.


20/12/19 – 30/01/20> Application period
31/01/20 – 07/02/20> Screening period
07/02/20 > Announcement to start-ups 
09/02/20 – 20/03/20 > Preparation period
24/03/20 – 02/04/20 > LLP Period A  – in Israel
05/04/20 – 01/05/20 >  LLP Period B – Remote sessions
05/05/20 – 14/05/20 > LLP Period C – in Israel 
17/05/20 – 04/06/20 > LLP Period D – Remote sessions
07/06/20 > LLP Period E – In Switzerland -Start-up Day + Market Entry + Graduation

Detailed schedule will be sent to selected participants.


  • Full Attendance in all workshops in Israel, Swiss, and remote session.
  • Full responsibility to schedule the required meetings with potential customers, partners, coaches, mentors, research institutes and other stakeholders according to the program guidelines.
  • Full commitment to the program.

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